Want to Have a Challenging Ride? Try Rally Driving For Fun And Excitement!

The motor sport known as rally driving most likely got its start back in 1911 at the very first Monte Carlo Rally. In 1894 the term rallying was actually started at the Horseless Carriage races in Paris. At that time it was a jury who decided the winners according to observer reports. These observers rode in the cars along side the rally drivers, and gave their opinion as to who was the best driver with the best operating car on that particular day. The rally sport led to competitions from one city to another in France and later in other European countries. They do not compete directly among each other but instead have their own start times by which they are able to compete against their own times between each point. An observer or passenger is accorded the task of keeping track of time, mileage, and also helping the driver to avoid traffic hazards such as farm animals, other automobiles, and pedestrians as they speed along the chosen route.

Speed and consistence give rally drivers the edge needed to win

In rally racing it's all about being consistent and making good times between control points. Although speed is most definitely vital to win the rally race from point A to point B the consistency factor enters in when measuring the overall journey. There are many factors to be considered, especially regarding road type, conditions, and weather. Some drivers simply control their car better on gravel roads than others and this often comes with practice and experience.

Take driving classes before jumping into the fray!

Check online or in the phone books for driving schools that cater to rally drivers and you will find they are available nearly everywhere. The instructors are usually experienced racers themselves with the job of instructing being considered their "day job", leaving the weekends free for their passion which is rally driving competition. Look for an instructor who is known and experienced if possible and he or she will most likely give you more than your money's worth when they share their experiences with their students.

Drive fast but keep your cool under pressure

Competitive driving, whether it be engaging in the sport of Grand Prix style racing, drag racing, sprint car racing, NASCAR type racing, dirt track or oval track racing, or rally type racing is a form of endurance competition for both driver and vehicle. Rally drivers have the added advantage of an observer or partner who assists by keeping track of progress throughout the course. Modern cars are far safer than previously built models and drivers who have taken courses in safe driving and learn the rules will be far more likely to complete races without harming themselves or their automobiles.

Pedal to the metal may not be enough to win

Having the nerve to drive flat out, at high speed on roadways that may not be considered the safest, is where rally racing is most often conducted. Drivers who think ahead and can make split second decisions using lightening fast reflexes are the ones who will win the course. Practice on controlled tracks before attempting to race elsewhere and you will learn how important it is to become familiar with the course you plan to race on. Rally driving is a fun and highly competitive sport that is gaining steadily in popularity and that is because it is exciting for audiences as well as participants so let's keep it that way!

Electricity Drinks Are They For Yourself A Product Review of Your Much More Popular Drinks

Electricity drinks are soft drinks marketed as furnishing strength to strengthen bodily pastime with the drinker, as compared to your typical drink. They are generally appealing to adolescent men and women. Power drinks aren't necessarily negative available for you, but they shouldn't be seen as "pure alternatives" either. Strength drinks to some people may perhaps appear like only a drink to quench your thirst just about every now after which it but in actual actuality strength drinks are very effective and if an excessive amount of has become ingested it can velocity up your cardiovascular system rate and abandon your blood pressure sky large, which may perhaps consequence in cardiovascular palpitations.

Pink Bull

Purple Bull was created by Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian who adapted the strength drink from a Thai beverage termed Krating Daeng, a common drink with rickshaw drivers in Thailand. Red Bull stays the top title in electricity drinks to this day time, with global product sales estimated at about $a couple of billion annually. Purple Bull is the dominant model from the US immediately after its introduction in 1997, that has a industry share of approximately 47%. Pink Bull at the moment spends about 30 p.c of its income on advertising, compared to Coca- Cola, which spends a mere 9 percent. Pink Bull was introduced to Europe in 1987 and towards the United states in 1997. Pink Bull's infamous ingredient isn't from a bull's semen or urine as reputed by urban legend, but quite, an amino acid, taurine, that was first found in bulls. This solution can be banned in Denmark. Crimson Bull can be the best selling electricity drink inside U.s.a, however it isn't so popular in other nations around the world. It contains as much caffeine as two cans of Coke or Pepsi. Crimson Bull contains sugars, 80 mg of caffeine (towards the 8 ounce can.


Rockstar Punched is especially well regarded by reviewers. Rockstar Juiced Power Drink Plus Guava receives additional testimonials than most, with a huge volume of reviewers stating that is the best-tasting electricity drink, in their opinion. It's the very first strength drink to produce by itself accessible in 16- and 24-ounce cans, has long been in 3rd place behind Pink Bull and Monster for any though, but Coca-Cola recently inked a cope to distribute the drink. Rockstar also eliminated sodium benzoate from their merchandise in the event the nation located out that it was potentially harmful, at the same time as taken out higher fructose corn syrup from their drinks. They added Milk Thistle, which some research claim facilitates with hangovers . Caffeine could be the largest ingredient inside product.


Monster Energy is definitely an American manufacturer of electricity drink owned by Monster Beverage Co. It has many endorsements with sports folks. Monster is available in a number of diverse can styles and sizes. It also makes a number of other flavors, including Monster Vitality Lo-Carb (*Est. Monster Power has 54 grams of sugars, 160 mg of caffeine and a couple of,000 mg of taurine.


Drinking electricity is a lawful way to get somewhat rebellious, without the need of breaking any laws. Drinking a great deal of those varieties of drinks mixed with alcohol can bring about quite a few wellbeing challenges. Consuming that very much caffeine at as soon as can also bring about diahorrea in many people. Consuming 2 bottles won't give you a cardiovascular system-attack, every person reacts in a different way to these drinks. Some have received 2 bottles inside of 30 minutes and did not think a thing. It is various for anyone. Drinking 50 percent the can or perhaps one/4 is ideal to the initial second third and also fourth time, you are able to hardly ever get a tolerance to this drink.


The goal of this report would be to inform customers on some of your preferred vitality drinks available, the place they'll get them, and fundamental diet facts on every single a single. Nutritionists warn that the drinks, laden with caffeine and sugar, can hook young children on an unhealthy jolt-and-crash cycle. Nutritionally talking, energy drinks are comparable to soda. Searching with the ingredients, power drinks seem to become portion soft drink and part nutritional supplement. Though generally marketed like sports drinks, which replenish some vital nutrients lost in the course of vigorous exercising, energy drinks have tiny proven nutritional benefit. "Little ones under ten or twelve certainly have no explanation to involve any caffeine in their diets; caffeine has no nutritional importance and drinking caffeinated beverages may possibly minimize consumption of more balanced beverages, like milk and juice. What ever before is in these items is driven by people, not by a nutritionist or a doctor. But the "nutrition" firms really don't even arrive beneath the FDA plus the ingredients tend not to have to own a country of origin label. There is very little (if any) evidence of nutritional worth in most electricity drinks.


Researchers warn that individuals should not confuse strength drinks with sports drinks like Gatorade. Many say an enormous part of your issue has to complete with serving dimension. Research exhibits that kids and youthful people who consume energy drinks might go through sleep problems, mattress-wetting and anxiety. But they say the bottom line is that an occasional energy drink is fine for many people today, but do the mathematics and steer clear of around indulging.

Far too often, .vitality drinks are soft drinks advertised as offering energy to enhance physical activity with the drinker, as compared to some typical drink. These drinks are generally beautiful to small folks. Vitality drinks are at times mixed with alcohol. Strength drinks' stimulating properties can boost the cardiovascular pace and blood strain (occasionally to your stage of palpitations), dehydrate the body, and, like other stimulants, avert rest. Vitality drinks usually are not necessarily bad to suit your needs, but they shouldn't be seen as "organic options" possibly.

A Great Carting Substitute

If you are planning or thinking about going Carting, why not try to opt for Race Car Simulators some time!?

What are race car simulators?

Race Car Simulators are believed to be a great substitute for carting. In comparison to carting though, they are more of the virtual and technologically inclined version. It is believed that Race Car Simulators will one day replace Carting, I honestly believe that will not be the case in the next few decades. There are still some important aspects that you get to experience with Carting and that Race Car Simulators are still not able to provide, if not limited.

Then again, since today is a modern world with an eye for technological advancement, here are some points about Race Car Simulators and Carting:

As a Kick off Training Tool

An individual looking to step into the waters of car racing often resort to carting as an initial step to learning how to race. Carting has long been given the image of a training tool for those who have the intent to do car racing. Today, you also have the option to try a more modern and much safer way of experiencing car racing. Although it is only virtual it will provide you a realistic experience even though you are just merely sitting in a race pod. You can actually do an alternate of both as they are both good training tools.

As an Entertainment Apparatus

When it comes to entertainment, both have equally good characteristics to provide fun. It would often basically boil down to the user's preference if they find simulators better or if they prefer or see carting to be more of their taste. If relating to Kids Parties Hampshire, Carting may not be that appropriate as this would require adult supervision and can be a little dangerous for kids especially those that are aged below 8 years. Childrens Parties Hampshire can still be applicable though but you have to keep in mind the importance of age range. With care racing simulators, most children are able to enjoy it. There are certain arrangements and modifications that are allocated for certain ages if ever a car race simulator is hired for Kids Parties Hampshire.

As a great device for Corporate Events

Activities that involve carting and race teams are not new to many corporate events Hampshire and parties. Many know that they make a great exercise for improvement of team work. It is pretty much the same with Race Car Simulators. They also provide a car race team scenario for a team, only it is virtual. Race Teams are perfect examples of great and harmonious team work and would be a great activity for any Team Building Hampshire.

Dickes Shorts Are The Most in Demand Entities in The World of Paintball

It is a well known fact that each and every country has the security forces that takes care of the external as well as internal threats that country is facing. It could an armed conflict or it could be a natural; disaster that really needs some urgent reaction from these security forces. One of the major things that needs to be said about this fact is that not every one is eligible enough to get admission into the armed forces of a nation. And if you are that guy who unfortunately cherished the dream of joining the armed forces but due to some reason just could not make it, then there is a solution right in front of your eyes. The solution is the sport of Paintball that would provide you with an opportunity to bring out that soldier within you even though it is only for some hours or in some cases for the entire day. The popularity of the sport is spreading all across the globe. Particularly in the countries like USA, Canada, and other advanced and even in some of the developing nations. Thus the military gear Canada is one of the most sought after clothing commodities in the entire country of Canada.

The reason being that there is much more to the game of paintball than what meets the eye. It not only provides an opportunity to reawaken that soldier within you but it also sharpens your other skills like the leadership quality, the efficiency, your energy levels and your stamina. It was thus a natural consequence once the game was invented that it would certainly make inroads into the hearts and minds of the people from different countries. But the game is played in a much disciplined manner. Thus there is a need for all the equipments as well as the uniform that the participant would adorn in order to give the impression of a real time warrior.

There are peoples and organizations that sell the uniforms as decided by the organizers. The sale is done through the traditional channels or the other latest channels like the internet. There is no dearth of companies that claim to be the best in the business. This is the reason that the person who has decided to play the game of paintball to have a discerning eye and only then make the purchase for items like the Dickes shorts, the paintball guns, the knives and other items that are required to play thin game. In he country of Canada the Dickies Canadaare very much in demand.

Next Step up to Kart Racing

Planning a party for your kid?

Why not search for something different than the traditional birthday setup?

The traditional birthday party or childrens parties Hampshire setup usually consists of party themes and tons of food and sweets.

The next kids parties Hampshire you are organizing need not be as common as that. Your child's birthday party can be extremely better, really. You would need something more unique, more fun and perhaps more grown up than these regular party themes; most especially if your child is not that much of a kid anymore.

These days, kart racing(a.k.a karting) has become a fun and preferred way of celebrating kids parties Hampshire. Then again, you can still void your child's party to that familiar setting and make it a step higher without losing the same old racing fun. You can always do that with a technology that is a step up to karting -- Racing Simulators!

Racing simulator technologies are a fantastic means of having your child and his/her party guests experience the fun and spirit of racing without exposing them to the real dangers of such setup. It is as fun, if not more entertaining and enjoyable, than kart racing. And although both kart racing and racing simulations are about feeling the adrenaline and joys of racing in general, simulators are somehow still sleeker, modern, and quite different in a sense. In addition to that, when compared to real life kart racing, the racing simulation setup is obviously much safer and free from the real dangers of racing. No dangers of potential life loss scenarios; No exposure to racing injuries, and equipments are fully controllable.

Racing simulators also give the feeling of a more grown up party and will not only have the kids enjoy the party but will also have their accompanying adults included in the fun. In fact, these simulators are often used as a form of team building Hampshire and have existed in many corporate events Hampshire. The racing setup is no ordinary driving game. It is a game that requires mental agility and tactics, perhaps similar to chess. It will help in developing mental toughness, and improve individuals to perform at higher levels and better handle pressure and/or stress - all of which can be a great thing for your child and his/her party guests. If you prefer just downright fun for the kids, that is also not a problem. Many race centres have events and formats suited for kids. Most even have special rates for students --both teens and kids and for younger drivers in general.

Planning a Great Day Out on The Push Bikes

If you're stuck for something fun to do with the family or with a loved one then going for a day out on the bikes might just be the perfect answer. Here's an activity that means you get to see some scenery, get lots of fresh air, get exercise, get a chance to bond with the others on your trip and get to do something a bit different that you might not have considered. There are certainly things that can go wrong on a bike trip though or detract from the experience and if you want to make it as enjoyable as possible then you need to observe certain tips. Firstly, you need to think of a way to get all your bikes to the location and the best way to do this is normally with one or several push bike racks for cars. You can always set off from your home and ride in your area, or ride to the scenic area you want to drive in. However for most of us who live in urban areas this isn't always very scenic - it also probably means riding on the road which can be dangerous and if you have children. Additionally you'll be cycling in single file which ruins the sociable nature of the activity somewhat. Then when you get to your actual location you might be very tired. Using one or several bike racks then can be a much better idea as it enables you to store the bikes on top of the car and drive to your location. You can also store other items in the car such as picnic items, a torch if it might get dark, a first aid kit etc etc. This also means that you won't have to be squashed in next to a large bicycle. Another alternative is to rent bikes when you arrive, which is fairly cost effective, though you risk being lumbered with a bike that you're not comfortable with. And that's another point to consider - making sure that all the bikes are in good condition and that they're suitable for the terrain you're going to be riding on. If you're riding on pavement then racing bikes are a good idea as these are very quick and require the most minimal effort. If you're going to be riding up hills and across bumpy terrain however then you're going to need to use a mountain bike. Make sure as well that all the bikes are in top condition - that all the gears work and that the tyres are fully pumped up. If you do not, then you risk someone lagging behind at the back and having to put in a lot of extra effort which can be unpleasant for them. By checking in advance you ensure this isn't the case and that everyone can enjoy a smooth ride. Obviously you may need to supply stabilisers or a tricycle for some of the less confident cyclists. Similarly you should check the location you're heading to ahead of time. This way you can ensure that the place is safe and pleasant to ride around and plot a route that will give you the best views etc. If you're planning a romantic day out, then you might want to look into some routes that have romantic spots and views that you can enjoy together. If you time it well you might also be able to enjoy a sunset in some locations. Make sure you're routes aren't too long and taxing however and that everyone on your journey will be able to enjoy them without feeling like they've run a marathon.

What Snowdonia Adventures Are in Store For You?

Snowdonia has been frequently described as the adventure and holiday capital of the United Kingdom, and it's easy to see why, what with the multiple fun activities you can have in the region. This article talks about the different kinds of Snowdonia adventures you can enjoy during your holiday.

What Snowdonia adventures await you in your vacation? You can do the following activities:

??White water rafting. If you fancy going for a wild ride on the water, you can go white water rafting and canoeing as part of your Snowdonia adventures. If that's not enough for you, you can also enjoy other water sports, including windsurfing, sailing, and power boating.

??Outdoor activities. If you're not the type of person who likes being in the water, don't worry, because there are other Snowdonia adventures that you can try. Rock climbing, hiking, and cycling are popular activities in Snowdonia. You can also try biking, clay pigeon shooting, go-karting, archery, paintball, and pony trekking, activities that the whole family can enjoy.

??Treetop adventures. If you've had enough of the water and land, why not enjoy Snowdonia adventures on the air? Zip lines and other treetop activities are a dime a dozen in Snowdonia.

??Winter sports. What's a Snowdonia adventure without the snow? You can enjoy a variety of activities come winter as well, such as skiing, winter mountaineering, and ice climbing.

??Leisure centres. If you're not the adventurous sort, you can still enjoy your holiday in Snowdonia, thanks to its numerous leisure centres that have swimming pools, wall climbing activities, badminton and squash courts, saunas, and fitness rooms. There are also museums and shops you can visit to allow you to absorb the culture of Snowdonia and get souvenirs.

When it comes to Snowdonia adventures, there's something in store for everyone, and as such, it can be a great choice for a holiday destination, whether you're going with your family and friends. Visit Snowdonia and see what adventures are in store for you.

F1 2012- Countdown to Buddh The Five to Watch Out For

With the European stretch done with, and the Asian stretch (Singapore, Japan, Korea and India) coming up, the 2012 F1 World Championship is still wide open- in complete contrast to the one-sided 2011 season. Five Drivers, still in the reckoning, with 7 races to go.

Normally, listing the top 5 drivers of a season would involve plenty of numbers, and it'd be based purely on statistics till now. Here, we are going to list the drivers, their situations, and what could happen by the time we reach the Indian Grand Prix, by mid-October.

Fernando Alonso (179 points)

The Ferrari number One has arguably had the season of his career so far, despite winning 2 back-to-back titles in 2005 and 2006. He was saddled with a strong car back then, and was dethroning the fading legend of Michael Schumacher. Here, he is battling a field of young and old, ex and current Champions, all blessed with horsepower greater than his own, more often than not.

Still, he finds himself leading the Championship by 37 points, a healthy lead, at this stage- which could be stretched further with his favorite races to come. If 2011 saw him step up onto the podium 9 times with the worst of the top 5 cars, 2012 has seen him outdo himself- with his consistency still proving to be the difference between him and the younger guns. His heartbreak in his debut Ferrari 2012 season could just be a thing of the past now, and he looks extremely determined to prove to the world that he is, by no means, in the twilight of his career.

Tied on 3 race wins with Lewis Hamilton this year, yet only 2 poles, he remains favorite- especially after his scintillating 10th-to-3rd drive at Monza.

After all, 80 podiums in a career- definitely not a 2 year flash in the pan. He's always around. 2012 is his for the taking.

Lewis Hamilton (142 points)

The McLaren no. 1 (atleast for 2012) has enjoyed his usual erratic season, getting into trouble with his own team, the officials, and his opponents more often than Mario Balotelli. After a poor 2011 in probably the strongest car on the grid, Hamilton, through it all, has led Button back to oblivion- and has proven to be McLaren's flawed genius. 3 race wins, in between some horrendous accidents, has kept him in the race, only just. The master of pole positions, though, hasn't seen his conversion improve over the year- with McLaren now proving to be the fastest car once again towards the latter part of the season. If anything, he will have nobody else to blame but himself- especially after his disappointing 5th place (2011) and 4th place (2010). Still, it's a far cry from his horror 2009 season, where he stood at 10 points after 10 races. For once, though, he hasn't been clashing with his favorite mate, Felipe Massa, and has been stepping into the limelight at the right junctures in the season, not letting Alonso rest easily yet.

Kimi Raikkonen (141 points)

68 podiums in 170 races- not ordinary stats by any stretch of imagination. Who would have thought that this man is back from a hiatus of 2 years, from the most demanding sport in the world? He just got back, got into a new car, and has raced his way to a shock 3rd in the standings, without even winning a race. Five podiums could have a lot to do with that, and his consistency betrays any sort of rustiness or lack of routine after his World Rally stint. Ex-Ferrari World Champion, Raikkonen is the driver the sport needed in 2012, a familiar face that can rival Alonso in sheer driving skill, and turn it on when needed. He has put the gasp back in the Lotus team, and has partnered Grosjean to turn his team into serious contenders for the title. All he needs now is a race win, and it could turn into the 'return of the prodigal son'- with the Ferrari ranks shuddering at the very thought of watching the ice-cool Finn nonchalantly standing at the top by the end of the season. Effectively, he is going to be McLaren's greatest rival, and could stand between Vettel and his third title.

Sebastian Vettel (140 points)

A far cry from his 2011 form, the young German Champion is struggling to figure on the podium through 2012. He is going through the inevitable Djokovic syndrome, where there is nowhere to go but down after the dizzying heights of 2011. This only proves that he is human, and not a machine as many suspected- not an extension of his once-flawless Red Bull engine. The going has gotten tough, and Vettel has displayed remarkable poise under pressure- even rising to 2nd a race ago, before failing to finish at Monza. The hard yards are being put in after a dream 2 seasons, and this 2012 campaign out of all, could define his legacy as a driver, and could teach him a lot more than all his wins have. His only flawless race this year was at the controversial Bahrain Grand Prix- where he did the good old pole, start-to-finish- a signature run that has been cut short by the emergence of the rest of the field. One still feels that the boy will not go down without a fight, and has plenty of steam left for the next 7 races. He could be Alonso's closest and most realistic contender.

Mark Webber (132 points)

The eternal bridesmaid has never figured on anybody's favorite lists at the start, middle or end of any season. He has been created to be that figure that pushes the others towards the top of the list, and remains present for the sake of sheer numbers. There has to be a no.2 in every sport, and Mark Webber is a racing, walking and talking personification of the concept. Wins in Monaco and Silverstone had made him something he wasn't used to- the No. 1 driver in his team, but his genes took over, and now he is back to where he belongs. However cruel this sounds, he is a journeyman who symbolizes the passion, dedication and drive needed to be in that F1 car, and has never let his team down. It is also why Red Bull, double World Champions, are still leading the Constructor's title standings with 7 races to go.

As they say, in the top 5, there's Mark Webber, and the top 4. Maybe this time, he could beat tradition, and try doing a 2010- without the choke at the finish.

Improve Your Foot Speed

Speed is the most coveted component of athletic performance. Ultimately, speed is only through the practice or repetition of proper training that any genetic endowment can reach its highest potential. Whether you are a sprinter who competes in 5K's or a marathoner who's looking to improve time, the importance of foot speed in running is unquestionable. Traditional thinking dictates that to be fast, choose your parents carefully. In other words, speed is a genetic trait. While this is true to the extent that it is not possible to be a world-class sprinter without genetic endowment, sport science and proper coaching have done much to refute this.

Speed Made SimpleSpeed is created through the ground, not the air. Once the foot touches the ground, it drives rearward, creating a springboard effect that propels the body forward. Although the actual physical components of running speed are rather complex, we're going to keep things simple. Speed is produced by stride length (distance covered with each stride) and stride frequency (leg turnover time, or how quickly you can get your feet on and off the ground).Of these two components, stride length is the easiest to develop and is also the most misunderstood. Stride length is not created by how far you can reach forward with each step, but rather by the amount of force you apply to the ground (with the foot striking directly under the hip) and driving back. Most people are slower than they should be because they pull out of their stride length too early, not allowing the foot to remain on the ground long enough to drive the leg completely straight behind the body, thereby maximizing the force and distance necessary to propel the body farther forward. Let's quickly look at some basic mechanical principles that should be considered for proper running form

Keep Your Head SteadyIf your head is moving side-to-side, your body is going to be subject to lateral forces that negate from the objective: moving straight ahead. You should run relaxed; you'll hear track coaches say - Jaw down, shoulders down. The human head generally weighs between 11 and 14 pounds. Keep this bowling ball in the proper postural alignment: centered between the shoulders. Head position is critical in athletic performance. Your head should be still during sprinting. We use the term focus to mean your eyes should be straight ahead, as if you're looking at somebody your height in the eyes. Remember, you go where your head goes.

Keep Your Arms Fixed at a 90-degree AngleNever run with tight, clenched fists. This will tighten you up and slow you down. Keep your thumb and forefinger in contact or run with an open palm, whichever you are most comfortable with. Your elbows should be squeezed in to the sides of the body. To use the strong muscles of the shoulder girdle to create optimum force, keep your arms fixed at a 90-degree angle.

Proper Foot and Leg ActionThe most important thing to remember about leg action is that speed is created down and back-by the amount of force applied to the ground, which drives the leg back and propels the body forward. Leg action happens very quickly. Olympic sprinters get their foot on and off the ground in about one-tenth of a second. The foot should land directly under the hip (where all your force is stored) and drive back until the leg is straight behind the body, thus maximizing stride length. As the foot leaves the ground again (this is called the recovery part of speed), your knee should be driving forward and slightly up. We call this a knee punch.

Denny And Darian Doing Away With 2011 Disappointments

Upon entering the NASCAR Chase for the Cup last fall, Darian Grubb wasn't fighting for his own job. Weighing his racing experiences trying to get over the .500 hump as Tony Stewart's crew chief, by the time the chase came around they barely made it. Grubb's job was already as good as gone. Heads up at Stewart-Haas already began to roll. He was informed that he wasn't coming back after the 2012 NASCAR season and that his racing experiences with Tony Stewart were beginning to set. "It's still weird to me to this day to not know exactly what was going on and why the decision was made. It wasn't any kind of mutual decision or anything like that. I was told I wasn't going to be back for the 2012 season, so at that point I just started going out there doing the best we could to try to move forward and win the championship." And he took it in stride and carried out one of the greatest comebacks car racing experiences have ever seen.

Enter Denny Hamlin. After finishing 2nd ad moving to Joe Gibbs Racing, Hamlin finished 9th in the final Sprint Cup standings. Disappointed with the finish Hamlin offered this, "I think you need a season of getting your ass kicked," Hamlin said, "for people to wake up and realize that you know what? We're not as good as we maybe thought we JGR we got our tails kicked. Kyle [Busch] won four races in a period [of the regular season, and Hamlin won one], but when the Chase started, we were off from the start. We were all terrible."

Now paired at Joe Gibbs Racing, the new pairing of Hamlin and Grubb shows a lot of promise for new racing experiences, in fact it was Tony Stewart himself who recommended Grubb to Hamlin, his former teammate. "Tony knows me pretty well and obviously Tony and Darian had a lot of success. So for Tony to say, 'I think this is something that's going to be really good,' that's great motivation for me." When asked about the duo, Stewart said, "Denny's a very technical guy. I'm the opposite of that. I just get in the thing and drive it. Denny will analyze everything that's going on with the car and Darian's very good at that, so I think they'll be a better pair than I was with Darian. The question is will Tony Stewart go on to regret initiating the break-up and then playing matchmaker if Hamlin and Grubb end up becoming NASCAR's most-powerful.