Month: March 2020

A Roving F1 Party Brings Bottle Service And an Exclusive Nightclub to The United States Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix racing is a bit like a circus. It travels with a huge team of players - from sponsors to teams, drivers to fans, media to models - and brings a dizzying array of technology and a heady buzz of excitement to every city in which it lands. All too soon it packs up and moves onto the next town, leaving behind a slight hangover of disappointment that it was over so soon.

But let's focus on the positive! While it's in town, wow, get ready for a hedonistic experience of high octane racing, beautiful people and partying the likes of which you've probably never experienced. With all the adrenaline ramping up at the circuit, it's got to spill over somewhere, so prepare for the ultimate nightlife experience when the F1 circus descends upon Austin, Texas for the first time ever.

Austin may be home to cool music festivals and lots of live music bars, but it's never seen an F1 party. For the ultimate racing series in the world - sorry Indy and NASCAR - fans and VIPS alike are looking to party in style, VIP style, with bottle service and waitress service, in exclusivity and in like-minded company. F1 teams, drivers, sponsors and their guests will all be looking to let off steam after the rigors of the racing. Come November 16th, one place to do this will be at the unique downtown My Yacht F1 Club, being created solely for the Grand Prix weekend by a company that's been hosting drivers, models, VIPS and even royalty (as in real royalty, not the reality star type...) at the Monaco Grand Prix for the past 8 years. It doesn't get much more exclusive than Monaco - where every driver wants to win! - so what better way to enjoy VIP bottle service than at an F1 party that brings some of that Mediterranean magic to downtown Austin.

With a 120,000-person capacity at the all-new Circuit of the Americas and some 100,000 people expected to travel to the area for the Grand Prix weekend, it promises to be an unforgettable debut for F1 in Austin. How will you celebrate?