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A Roving F1 Party Brings Bottle Service And an Exclusive Nightclub to The United States Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix racing is a bit like a circus. It travels with a huge team of players - from sponsors to teams, drivers to fans, media to models - and brings a dizzying array of technology and a heady buzz of excitement to every city in which it lands. All too soon it packs up and moves onto the next town, leaving behind a slight hangover of disappointment that it was over so soon.

But let's focus on the positive! While it's in town, wow, get ready for a hedonistic experience of high octane racing, beautiful people and partying the likes of which you've probably never experienced. With all the adrenaline ramping up at the circuit, it's got to spill over somewhere, so prepare for the ultimate nightlife experience when the F1 circus descends upon Austin, Texas for the first time ever.

Austin may be home to cool music festivals and lots of live music bars, but it's never seen an F1 party. For the ultimate racing series in the world - sorry Indy and NASCAR - fans and VIPS alike are looking to party in style, VIP style, with bottle service and waitress service, in exclusivity and in like-minded company. F1 teams, drivers, sponsors and their guests will all be looking to let off steam after the rigors of the racing. Come November 16th, one place to do this will be at the unique downtown My Yacht F1 Club, being created solely for the Grand Prix weekend by a company that's been hosting drivers, models, VIPS and even royalty (as in real royalty, not the reality star type...) at the Monaco Grand Prix for the past 8 years. It doesn't get much more exclusive than Monaco - where every driver wants to win! - so what better way to enjoy VIP bottle service than at an F1 party that brings some of that Mediterranean magic to downtown Austin.

With a 120,000-person capacity at the all-new Circuit of the Americas and some 100,000 people expected to travel to the area for the Grand Prix weekend, it promises to be an unforgettable debut for F1 in Austin. How will you celebrate?

A Great Carting Substitute

If you are planning or thinking about going Carting, why not try to opt for Race Car Simulators some time!?

What are race car simulators?

Race Car Simulators are believed to be a great substitute for carting. In comparison to carting though, they are more of the virtual and technologically inclined version. It is believed that Race Car Simulators will one day replace Carting, I honestly believe that will not be the case in the next few decades. There are still some important aspects that you get to experience with Carting and that Race Car Simulators are still not able to provide, if not limited.

Then again, since today is a modern world with an eye for technological advancement, here are some points about Race Car Simulators and Carting:

As a Kick off Training Tool

An individual looking to step into the waters of car racing often resort to carting as an initial step to learning how to race. Carting has long been given the image of a training tool for those who have the intent to do car racing. Today, you also have the option to try a more modern and much safer way of experiencing car racing. Although it is only virtual it will provide you a realistic experience even though you are just merely sitting in a race pod. You can actually do an alternate of both as they are both good training tools.

As an Entertainment Apparatus

When it comes to entertainment, both have equally good characteristics to provide fun. It would often basically boil down to the user's preference if they find simulators better or if they prefer or see carting to be more of their taste. If relating to Kids Parties Hampshire, Carting may not be that appropriate as this would require adult supervision and can be a little dangerous for kids especially those that are aged below 8 years. Childrens Parties Hampshire can still be applicable though but you have to keep in mind the importance of age range. With care racing simulators, most children are able to enjoy it. There are certain arrangements and modifications that are allocated for certain ages if ever a car race simulator is hired for Kids Parties Hampshire.

As a great device for Corporate Events

Activities that involve carting and race teams are not new to many corporate events Hampshire and parties. Many know that they make a great exercise for improvement of team work. It is pretty much the same with Race Car Simulators. They also provide a car race team scenario for a team, only it is virtual. Race Teams are perfect examples of great and harmonious team work and would be a great activity for any Team Building Hampshire.

Improve Your Foot Speed

Speed is the most coveted component of athletic performance. Ultimately, speed is only through the practice or repetition of proper training that any genetic endowment can reach its highest potential. Whether you are a sprinter who competes in 5K's or a marathoner who's looking to improve time, the importance of foot speed in running is unquestionable. Traditional thinking dictates that to be fast, choose your parents carefully. In other words, speed is a genetic trait. While this is true to the extent that it is not possible to be a world-class sprinter without genetic endowment, sport science and proper coaching have done much to refute this.

Speed Made SimpleSpeed is created through the ground, not the air. Once the foot touches the ground, it drives rearward, creating a springboard effect that propels the body forward. Although the actual physical components of running speed are rather complex, we're going to keep things simple. Speed is produced by stride length (distance covered with each stride) and stride frequency (leg turnover time, or how quickly you can get your feet on and off the ground).Of these two components, stride length is the easiest to develop and is also the most misunderstood. Stride length is not created by how far you can reach forward with each step, but rather by the amount of force you apply to the ground (with the foot striking directly under the hip) and driving back. Most people are slower than they should be because they pull out of their stride length too early, not allowing the foot to remain on the ground long enough to drive the leg completely straight behind the body, thereby maximizing the force and distance necessary to propel the body farther forward. Let's quickly look at some basic mechanical principles that should be considered for proper running form

Keep Your Head SteadyIf your head is moving side-to-side, your body is going to be subject to lateral forces that negate from the objective: moving straight ahead. You should run relaxed; you'll hear track coaches say - Jaw down, shoulders down. The human head generally weighs between 11 and 14 pounds. Keep this bowling ball in the proper postural alignment: centered between the shoulders. Head position is critical in athletic performance. Your head should be still during sprinting. We use the term focus to mean your eyes should be straight ahead, as if you're looking at somebody your height in the eyes. Remember, you go where your head goes.

Keep Your Arms Fixed at a 90-degree AngleNever run with tight, clenched fists. This will tighten you up and slow you down. Keep your thumb and forefinger in contact or run with an open palm, whichever you are most comfortable with. Your elbows should be squeezed in to the sides of the body. To use the strong muscles of the shoulder girdle to create optimum force, keep your arms fixed at a 90-degree angle.

Proper Foot and Leg ActionThe most important thing to remember about leg action is that speed is created down and back-by the amount of force applied to the ground, which drives the leg back and propels the body forward. Leg action happens very quickly. Olympic sprinters get their foot on and off the ground in about one-tenth of a second. The foot should land directly under the hip (where all your force is stored) and drive back until the leg is straight behind the body, thus maximizing stride length. As the foot leaves the ground again (this is called the recovery part of speed), your knee should be driving forward and slightly up. We call this a knee punch.

Planning a Great Day Out on The Push Bikes

If you're stuck for something fun to do with the family or with a loved one then going for a day out on the bikes might just be the perfect answer. Here's an activity that means you get to see some scenery, get lots of fresh air, get exercise, get a chance to bond with the others on your trip and get to do something a bit different that you might not have considered. There are certainly things that can go wrong on a bike trip though or detract from the experience and if you want to make it as enjoyable as possible then you need to observe certain tips. Firstly, you need to think of a way to get all your bikes to the location and the best way to do this is normally with one or several push bike racks for cars. You can always set off from your home and ride in your area, or ride to the scenic area you want to drive in. However for most of us who live in urban areas this isn't always very scenic - it also probably means riding on the road which can be dangerous and if you have children. Additionally you'll be cycling in single file which ruins the sociable nature of the activity somewhat. Then when you get to your actual location you might be very tired. Using one or several bike racks then can be a much better idea as it enables you to store the bikes on top of the car and drive to your location. You can also store other items in the car such as picnic items, a torch if it might get dark, a first aid kit etc etc. This also means that you won't have to be squashed in next to a large bicycle. Another alternative is to rent bikes when you arrive, which is fairly cost effective, though you risk being lumbered with a bike that you're not comfortable with. And that's another point to consider - making sure that all the bikes are in good condition and that they're suitable for the terrain you're going to be riding on. If you're riding on pavement then racing bikes are a good idea as these are very quick and require the most minimal effort. If you're going to be riding up hills and across bumpy terrain however then you're going to need to use a mountain bike. Make sure as well that all the bikes are in top condition - that all the gears work and that the tyres are fully pumped up. If you do not, then you risk someone lagging behind at the back and having to put in a lot of extra effort which can be unpleasant for them. By checking in advance you ensure this isn't the case and that everyone can enjoy a smooth ride. Obviously you may need to supply stabilisers or a tricycle for some of the less confident cyclists. Similarly you should check the location you're heading to ahead of time. This way you can ensure that the place is safe and pleasant to ride around and plot a route that will give you the best views etc. If you're planning a romantic day out, then you might want to look into some routes that have romantic spots and views that you can enjoy together. If you time it well you might also be able to enjoy a sunset in some locations. Make sure you're routes aren't too long and taxing however and that everyone on your journey will be able to enjoy them without feeling like they've run a marathon.